Digital Marketing Apprentice


Rossendale Borough Council works with key partners to deliver statutory and non-statutory services to the residents of the Borough.

Rossendale Leisure Trust is a diverse sport, leisure and wellbeing charitable trust, serving the community in Rossendale.

The role of the apprentice will be to assist in a wide range of marketing, engagement and public relations activities working with both Rossendale Borough Council and Rossendale Leisure trust within the Communications Team – with an overall objective of promoting the services and community work delivered by the Council and promoting an active and healthy community, and increasing the usage of the Trusts facilities and programmes.

To support the Council to achieve vision and priorities of the Council’s Corporate Strategy.


This section of the job description sets out the specific responsibilities of the individual post holder and the services for which they are responsible. There is an expectation that those responsibilities are delivered in accordance with the Council’s core values:

  • Customers Matter – Recognising the diversity of the council’s customers and the importance of developing services that meet the needs of different customers. A willingness to go the extra mile
  • Listening and Communicating – Consulting and listening to customers and staff, to improve understanding and decision-making. The ability to communicate in a number of different ways.
  • Loyalty – Building our reputation, trust and confidence. A positive attitude and pride in the Council.
  • Management of Performance – Remaining focused and delivering identified and measured outcomes. An understanding of the bigger picture and a willingness to go above what is expected.
  • Celebration of Success – Evaluating, learning and recognising what we have done well and applying lessons learned.


  • Updating and maintaining the website and affiliate sites.
  • Content writing for the website and social media.
  • Creating artwork for digital marketing campaigns – graphics, photography etc.
  • Creating marketing collateral.
  • Capturing photo and video content.
  • Planning, organising and running events.
  • Attending outreach events.
  • To undertake any training and development as required by Rossendale Borough Council.
  • To achieve and provide the highest possible standards in customer care.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To promote a positive image of the Communications Team through development of effective working relationships within the team, throughout the Council and Leisure Trust and with external bodies.
  • To operate in accordance with Council priorities and policies.