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Employability Bootcamp

After submitting an application and being interviewed by a member of the Project Digital team, successful candidates will be selected for our Digital Bootcamp.

Bootcamp takes it all back to basics; breaking down the daily routines of a Digital environment and providing applicants with a true insight into their responsibilities. At Project Digital, we understand the importance of a proficient workforce; we aim to build the foundations for this, by delivering the fundamentals of Digital to all candidates from the outset.

Our Bootcamp is a mandatory aspect of our training programme. Constructed by industry experts, this intensive week is designed to push our applicants’ skills and knowledge to the limit, ensuring they are the right calibre, whilst ultimately preparing them for a career in Digital.

The format of our Bootcamp will vary each time, involving a range of tasks and projects. Our team will set an enterprise task for candidates, involving business planning, problem solving, team building and other skills essential within industry. The week concludes with a presentation, to which employers are invited, to reflect upon the skills and knowledge gained by each individual throughout the process.

Dates, times and locations may all vary. Nothing is predictable; much like industry. There is always a possibility of deadline changes, location shifts and other unforeseen obstacles. This is purposely planned, to keep candidates thinking ahead and using their innovation and problem solving skills.