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Digital Marketing Apprentice

Qualification Level: Level 3
Course Duration: 12 - 18 Months
Teaching Method: Classroom & workshop based

This intense and innovative training programme is delivered by industry
professionals, who have a passion for Digital and an ambition to plug the
Digital skills gap, nationally.

Sample Modules

  • Digital in Action
  • Digital Marketing Business Principles
  • The Current Digital Landscape
  • Preparations for Synoptic Project and Interview
  • Digital Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Marketing Planning and Project Management
  • Coding Principles

Essential Skills, Attitudes and Behaviours

  • Resourceful
  • Independent
  • Organised
  • Enthusiastic
  • Approachable
  • Analytical
  • Flexible
  • Professional
  • Confident
  • Innovative

What Must be Evidenced

Technical Competencies:

  • Written communication: applies a good level of written communication skills for a range of audiences and digital platforms and with regard to the sensitivity of communication
  • Research: analyses and contributes information on the digital environment to inform short and long term digital communications strategies and campaigns
  • Technologies: recommends and applies effective, secure and appropriate solutions using a wide variety of digital technologies and tools over a range of platforms and user interfaces to achieve marketing objectives
  • Data: reviews, monitors and analyses online activity and provides recommendations and insights to others
  • Customer service: responds efficiently to enquiries using offline, online and social media platforms.
  • Problem solving: applies structured techniques to problem solving; analyses problems and resolves issues across a variety of digital platforms
  • Analysis: understands and creates basic analytical dashboards using appropriate digital tools
  • Implementation: builds and implements digital campaigns across a variety of digital media platforms
  • Applies at least two of the following specialist areas: search marketing, search engine optimisation, e mail marketing, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and Pay-Per-Click
  • Digital analytics: measures and evaluates the success of digital marketing activities
  • Interprets and follows:
    • Latest developments in digital media technologies and trends
    • Marketing briefs and plans
    • Company defined ‘customer standards’ or industry good practice for marketing
    • Company, team or client approaches to continuous integration
  • Can operate effectively in their own business, their customers’ and the industry environment

Technical Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Understands the principles of coding
  • Understands and can apply basic marketing principles to everyday work examples
  • Understands and can apply the customer lifecycle
  • Understands the role of customer relationship marketing
  • Understands how teams work effectively to deliver digital marketing campaigns and can deliver accordingly
  • Understands the main components of digital and social media strategies
  • Understands the principles of all of the following specialist areas: search marketing, search engine optimisation, e mail marketing, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps and Pay-Per-Click and understands how these can work together
  • Understands the similarities and differences, including positives and negatives, of all the major digital and social media platforms
  • Understands and responds to the business environment and business issues related to digital marketing and customer needs
  • Understands and follows digital etiquette
  • Understands how digital platforms integrate in to the working environment
  • Understands and follows the required security levels necessary to protect data across digital and social media platforms

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