Being an Apprentice – Ross Tyler

Starting my apprenticeship I was initially quite hesitant if it was the right choice for me. Seeing all my friends venture down their own career paths and I began carving out my own. It was different to what everyone else was doing.

I started my apprenticeship journey a bit of a jack of all trades a master of none. I’d done a little bit of this and a little bit of that with no real scope or focus in one particular area. So I wasn’t coming into the world of digital marketing completely blind. But being here only a short time I’ve learned so much not just in my marketing training but within my working environment. I’m surrounded by a wealth of knowledge if I ever have any questions. I’m able to ask anyone and get help, advice on whatever the subject, from feedback on graphics to brainstorming content plans.

I think working for an agency is a fantastic opportunity. There’s always something different. A new challenge to sink my teeth into and something to get involved with from client meetings to on the go tasks that come flying in from clients. It really makes you think and stay on your toes. But it’s also a great environment to see how everyone else handles these situations, the tasks, the demand, the pressure.

Sometimes it’s easy to imagine the people at the top of their game, the industry leaders will be calm and collected in every situation. But this isn’t always true and this is a unique insight into seeing how they deal with these high-pressure situations. By understanding that you can’t control every aspect of the project and you need to believe in your team and trust that all the pieces will fall into place.

Initially, I was a little out of my comfort zone and I was quite withdrawn keeping myself to myself and having to really focus on the tasks I was given. Learning the clients that we work with, understanding the tone of voice for each client. Researching each of their companies, ideologies and unique business perspectives.

But the more I’ve put in the more I’ve gotten out. I understand our catalogue of clients now. My team leader allows me to have more control over projects and lets me run with my ideas. But it’s because I’ve built up that trust, during client meetings I’m not just sitting there scribbling notes or brewing up. I’m contributing ideas, challenging opinions or showcasing ideas and projects that we’ve planned to pitch.

Whilst I am an apprentice I’ve never been made to feel less than every other member of the team. I’ve always been apart of everything and I’m ready for whatever comes my way next.